Books for your kids. Delivered Monthly.

Fun & Educational! Curated by a speech-language pathologist.

What is The Story Box?

Awesomeness in the form of book mail for kids!  Each month we send your child a special package that contains two children’s books. We scour the literary world to find the best books for your littles. Each book must present good learning opportunities, and each book must be FUN for kids. Each package include two books  and two double-sided parent guides.

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Browse our website and find out which package is right for you. Pick your package and checkout. You’re done! 

Boxes Arrive

We’ll read and review tons of children’s books. We’ll pick the very best ones and send them straight to your door each month.

Children Thrive

Your kids will be totally excited to receive fun book mail each month.  They’ll enjoy quality time reading with you, and they’ll learn too.