What’s Inside?

Since the StoryBox has been closed for over a year, we want to take it slow and provide the best quality product possible. Currently, our only new Story Box option is curated for families with preschool and early elementary children, but we hope to offer a more diverse Story Box selection in the future.

The Books

Within every Story Box comes two books, specifically picked to deliver unique and exciting reading experiences that differ from the typical book selection at many stores.

We look for books that are engaging and will keep your child’s attention and that can help to facilitate your child’s speech, language, and pre-literacy skills. We love beautiful illustrations, good vocabulary, good story lines, rhyming, alliteration, and so much more!

The Guides

Each box also includes professionally written learning guides for both books, created by our nationally certified speech language pathologist to help engage your children with the material and create special bonding moments between families. The tips in the parent guide will help you use your new books to capitalize on the language opportunities presented in each book and facilitate pre-literacy skills. The parent guide also recommends some activities you can do with each of your new books, allowing you to explore the concepts of the stories and create lasting family memories!

There are two sides on every guide, one written for preschool children and one for early elementary.

Even opening the StoryBox is a fun experience, and one that makes a great gift for families who love to read!

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