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 Almost time for turkey! Thanksgiving will be here in less than 3 weeks (wow!). Start prepping now with some fun activities that can also encourage your child’s language development!

Handprint Turkey

This one is a classic November craft – a handprint turkey! Help your child learn body parts by asking him or her to show you their hand. Show your toddler your hands and compare them by using descriptive words like big, small, and little. Practice counting to 5 by counting your child’s fingers on one hand. Once they’ve mastered that, work on counting to 10 by counting their fingers on both hands! Name the other body parts of the turkey as you and your child draw them. Then, ask your toddler to show you that part on themselves! 

Sing It!

Listen to a fun Thanksgiving Song like this 10 Little Turkeys song! Singing along with the song will encourage your child to do the same. The more you sing and listen to the same song, the more familiar it will become to your little one. Once he or she has heard the same song several times, practice pausing the song throughout and looking expectantly at your child. This will encourage him or her to fill in the blank and sing the last word to finish the line!

Make Turkey-Themed Treats

Why wait til Thanksgiving day to indulge? These Oreo Turkeys are so cute and simple – perfect for involving your child in the kitchen! Baking and creating can be a great time to work on your child’s listening comprehension skills. Give him or her simple directions containing 1 or 2 steps as you make the treats together. For example, “Give me a cookie and a plate”. Adding gestures like pointing to the objects as you ask for them can help your child if he or she seems to need it. Then, your little one can enjoy their treat as a delicious reward!

Have fun teaching and talking with your tiny turkey!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family