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March is always such an exciting month because it means SPRING! March 20th may be the “official” first day of Spring, but you can celebrate all month long by involving your kids in some fun themed activities. Read on to learn about all things rainbows, flowers, and full of luck!

#1: Read Spring Themed Books

Though the temperature may still be low in many parts of the country, reading about Spring with your child can be a great way to talk about what’s to come! One of our board books from last month, Max the Rabbit Plays Hide and Seek, features some Spring vocabulary words and illustrations that you can teach your child.

Not only can you point out words like chick, rabbit, and dandelion, but this adorable board book is great for encouraging your little one to interact with books. Each page features a large puzzle piece for him or her to take out and then put together at the end of the story!

#2: Make a Spring-Themed Sensory Bin

Head to for ideas on some super fun Spring sensory bins to create for your child! Little hands love to dig in, explore, experience, and learn from bins like these. Stimulate your child’s speech and language as you play together by using descriptive words like smooth, bumpy, slimy, shiny, big, or small to describe the objects as you feel and find them. You can also teach your child concepts like in/out and on/under by using these words frequently as you play and showing your little one what they mean.

#3: Create a Leprechaun Trap

Talk to your kids about how Leprechaun’s can be tricky (and bury a pot of gold) and set them on a mission to catch one! This activity can be great for kids who struggle to pronounce the “L” sound because it provides them with multiple opportunities to practice it! Focus on words like Leprechaun, Lucky, and Look and show them how to “lift their tongue” to make the “L” sound. Creating a trap can also be a great way for older kids to practice executive functioning skills like planning and organizing!


#4: Craft a Rainbow

March is all about spring showers, clouds, and rainbows! Create a cloud and rainbow with your child by using household items. This craft can be great for teaching your child to identify colors and name them. Kids can practice verbs by telling you what they are doing while creating their craft (cutting, glueing, and more!).


Happy Spring!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family