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Summer is here!

School is out (or almost out) and it’s time to hit the beach! Having some sun and fun is the perfect time to incorporate a few simple strategies that can improve your child’s speech and language skills.

With all of the sensory input your children get at the beach and motivating activities like building sandcastles and chasing waves, they’ll have their eyes and ears open and ready to learn!

#1: Describing Words

Collect seashells and model adjectives to describe them with your child. Words like bumpy, smooth, big, small, and round are some great examples. When your child has a chance to see and feel the shells, it’ll help him or her better understand and remember the meanings of these vocabulary words!

#2: Actions

There is SO much to do at the beach, no matter what your child’s age is! Talk to younger children about what things they are doing while at the beach, and model verbs as well. Older children can benefit from hearing you model different forms of verbs, like the irregular past tense (“you dug a big whole”).

#3: Listening/Obstacle course

A great way to work on improving your child’s listening skills in a fun way? A beach obstacle course! Give your child a few things to do and see if he or she can remember and do them in order. For example, “Put your toes in the water, find a seashell, and jump up and down”. Depending on your child’s age, you can include fewer or more steps as part of your course.

#4: Pronunciation

Does your child have trouble articulating a certain sound? Play “I Spy” or go on a scavenger hunt to find objects that start with this sound. For example, if you’re practicing the “S” sound, look for things like the sea, shells, and sand! Talk to your child about what your mouth does when you make that sound, and model the correct pronunciation for him or her.

#5: Relax with a good book

Create a relaxing area for your child to lay back and do a little reading while at the beach. Under an umbrella, beach tent, in a chair, on a towel…be sure to pack your child’s favorite books and take a little break with a snack and story!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family