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How often have you asked your child to, “wait your turn”, “share”, and “take turns”!

Turn taking s is an important part of social and language development in children. It’s even known as a “pre-language skill”. Meaning, a skill that children can start to acquire early (before they are able to speak), that can help develop their language skills.

We teach our children to take turns because it is socially appropriate. Children are better able to participate in school, make friends, and navigate through daily situations with others when they understand the importance of turn taking.

How can you work on this with your child while reading? In so many ways!

#1: Take turns turning the pages.

Use simple language like, “my turn to turn the page” or simply, “your turn” so your child can start to understand and use words.

#2: Take turns commenting.

Pause while reading together and comment on a picture you see. Then ask your child to tell you about something he or she sees. Use gestures like pointing to yourself on your own turn and your child on their turn.

#3: Take turns reading.

If your child is able to read, alternate who reads each page. If there are several children in the household, each child can take a turn.

#4: Take turns talking.

If your book has repetitive lines that are familiar to your child, or rhymes at the end of the sentences, try this tip. Read the first part of the sentence and then pause before saying the last word or couple of words. Your child may fill in the blank with the rest of the words (a great way to stimulate language for little ones!).

Join the Story Box books are a great way to build up your child’s library and provide opportunities for your child’s language and social skills to grow through developing turn taking!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family