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Paget the cat photographed by Nan’s daughter Renz

Okay, the title is misleading, since that picture is actually not of me, but is of my cat. 😉

Welcome to The Story Box blog! The Story Box underwent new ownership, management and staff a few months ago. We are all super excited to be a part of bringing our curated selection of books each month to your children and family. I’ve known Tyler for years and his passion for encouraging and supporting children and families is inspiring. The opportunity for me to join him with this endeavor was something I couldn’t pass up!

Today I just want to introduce myself and give you an idea of some things we’ll be writing about here. My name is Nan Kapetanovic and I work in Order Fulfillment. That’s a fancy way of saying I make sure the boxes get packed and mailed out. I also keep track of inventory.

Originally from North Carolina, I have traveled across the country and back. I’ve finally settled down in Jacksonville, Florida and live with my husband, step-son and our cat Paget (that’s who’s in the picture!) on our own little plot of land where we plant things like tomatoes and grapes and pomegranates. I have my own children, a daughter and 2 sons, who are all fully grown and doing well.

I have a degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine with a Diploma in Herbal Studies, and co-authored a cookbook with Carol White. A big focus of CAM therapies is maintaining well-being, not just managing illness. My philosophy is that CAM a Complement to standard medical care, a way to be proactive in setting ourselves up for health and energy.  In general, if we can provide the support our bodies and brains need through food, supplements/medicines when needed, rest, and intellectual stimulation then we’ll be better prepared to face challenges. And if you’re a parent, then know that one of those challenges is family life with children. For all the amazing love and pride and joy we have with our children, they also challenge us with their energy, their questions, even with their germs.

Most of The Story Box is focused on the children, but I’d like to use this blog to talk about our health, physically and emotionally/mentally, as parents. I dream that you, the readers, will also chime in and we can brainstorm solutions for handling those challenges. Sometimes, I might just write about food and recipes, because I love food and the kitchen, and food is a vital part of our physical and mental health. I’d like to know what you would like to hear about, so feel free to leave me a comment telling me what you would like to learn more about or see attention brought to.

Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog, and welcome to the The Story Box!