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Many of us are looking forward to ringing in a new year more than ever! 2020 sure was one for the books. It’s been a year of staying at home, and if you’re planning to spend New Years Eve at home as well, here are the best kid-friendly activities to help you ring in 2021 with a bang!

  1. Dress the Part

Everyone in the house can put on their fanciest attire for the fun occasion! Help your kids pick out some dapper and darling outfits (the more glitter the better!) and let them play a part in picking out yours.

2. Accessorize with 2021 Gear!

Head to the store and grab some 2021 glasses, necklaces, headbands, and hats to ring in the New Year! Party City has some great stuff like these glitter glasses or checkout Walgreens and CVS. It’ll be easy for your kids to pretend they’re at a big, fancy party with these accessories!

3. Decorate a 2021 Party Hat

Download these free printable 2021 NYE party hats for your kids to color and wear for the big night! Bonus: you can sneak in teaching concepts like learning and identifying colors, counting (the numbers on the clocks pictured), and naming letters. This is also a great activity for teaching sequencing – have your kids tell you each step in order for making these fun party hats!

4. Read About New Years

New Years might not be as familiar of a holiday to some kids as others, like Easter or Christmas. One of the best ways you can talk about and teach new things to your kids is through reading! I love these “The Night Before…” books. They cover everything from the Fourth of July to St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s one for New Year’s. Aren’t able to pick it up in time? There’s also a great reading of the book on Youtube!

5. Living Room Balloon Drop

Bring the fun of Times Square to your own home with a living room balloon drop! This one’s so easy to make and will really add some fun to your kids’ night (hint: no need to wait ’til midnight. Go ahead and do your balloon drop at 8 PM! Or, celebrate a “Noon Year’s Eve!”) .

Happy New Year!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family