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We’ll be seeing more masks than ever this Halloween, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Large groups of Trick-or-treaters will be discouraged, and instead of rummaging through buckets of candy, kids could be getting individual treat bags. Here are some safe activity ideas for a spooky, fun Halloween this year! 

Trick or Treat at Home

Not quite comfortable with your children going door to door right now? Have your child grab their costume and bucket and trick or treat to different rooms in your house! Family members can wait behind each door with some special treats! 

Speech tip: Practice the words “Trick or Treat” slowly with your kiddo. By age 3, kids should be able to string these 3 words together. Kids younger than that may need to imitate 1 word at a time. 

Costume Change 

Why choose just one costume? Create a dress up bin in front of a mirror so your child can wear different costumes! To encourage speech and language skills, have your child practice pointing to different clothing items as you name them. You can also ask “where” questions for him or her to answer. For example, “where does your hat go?”


Go all out with Halloween decorations this year! If your family might not be walking around visiting other houses, make your own extra-spooky. Involve the kids by allowing them to pick them out online and help put them up around the house. Work in some language concepts, such as following directions. The older your child is, the longer/more complex the direction they should be able to follow. For younger kids, you might say “get the pumpkin”. For older children, give directions such as, “get the pumpkin and the skeleton, and put them on the table in the dining room”. Use gestures like pointing to the objects and places if your child seems to need a little help! 

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family