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April showers bring May flowers! And, some fun activities for the kids!

It’s a great time to get outdoors with your children and celebrate all things Spring. Enjoy bonding time with your children while using some simple strategies to boost their speech and language skills!

  1. Plant Front Door Flowers

Planting a simple flower bed or a few potted flowers at your front door can do more than add some colorful curb appeal to your home! Outdoor activities like this have been shown to lower stress and improve children’s attention. Speech & Language Concepts to Focus on: Write a list of materials needed & shop for them, sequence steps for planting in order, use adjectives to describe the colors and characteristics of the flowers you plant.

2. Go on a Nature Walk

Whether in your neighborhood or at a local state park, Spring can be the perfect time for you and your kids to get some fresh air before the temperatures rise too much. Speech & Language Concepts to Focus on: Play “I spy”, as you and your kids take turns making simple phrases about what you see around you, create a scavenger hunt of things to find – bring with you and check them off the list as you see them.

3. Jump in the Water!

Kids of all ages LOVE water. Whether you create a water sensory bin filled with toy ocean animals, or your child explores a water table or runs through a backyard sprinkler toy, cooling off and playing with water is almost always a hit. Speech & Language Concepts to Focus on: Model action words to describe what your child is doing as they play – words like jumping, splashing, and running! Then, ask them to take a turn using verbs like these.

4. Have a Spring Themed Storytime Outdoors

Take your Join the Story Box books outdoors! Throw down a blanket at your child’s favorite park and take in the sights and sounds of Spring as you read. Speech & Language Concepts to Focus on: Find Spring-themed vocabulary words in your books. Talk about their meaning and incorporate them into daily routines!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist

Proud Member of The Story Box Family