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It’s hard to believe it’s time for kids to head back to school! Things might look a little different this year for most children because of the Coronavirus. Whether you’ve made the choice to send your kids back to school in person or tackle virtual enrollment, children (and parents) will need to adjust to many changes this year. Not to worry though! There are several ways we can make these adjustments a little smoother for everybody to start the school year off right. 

Continue School Year Traditions

Whether it’s taking one last vacation or doing some back to school shopping, continue whatever traditions your family might have during this time of year. So many things are changing right now in the world, so it’s important for our children to be able to count on the things that we are able to control. Even kids who will be starting the school year at home can do some back to school shopping for a few new outfits or school supplies! 

Establish a Routine

If your child will be switching to home schooling this year, try to establish a routine. This can provide them with structure despite being in a different learning environment than what they are used to. Visual schedules are a great way to do this! Think of them as a picture representation of what your child’s day looks like. One option is to purchase a schedule like this:

You can also easily make your own by using a white board or by printing/laminating your own pictures. Here’s a great example of a visual schedule you can adapt to your child’s day: Try creating a designated school-like space where your child will be working and logging on to complete school work every day. A desk with a nice comfortable chair, school supplies ready to go, and minimal distractions can help your child stay focused even while at home!

Roll with the Punches!

While it’s important to keep a level of normalcy, show your child how to tackle school year changes with a positive attitude! For those kids who may be going back into the classroom in person, let them help pick out some fun masks they can wear. One like this is perfect for a superhero fanatic:


A fun face shield like this mermaid one can also make it fun for your child to stay safe while at school!

Let your child pick out their favorite scented hand sanitizer and a fun holder to clip onto their backpack, and they’re ready to go!

Back to school will be different this year. But we can help our kids adjust to the changes to make sure they still have a smooth, successful school year! 

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist
Proud Member of The Story Box Family