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Reading Routines

Establishing a routine of reading books with your kids at home is one of the best ways to stimulate their speech and language skills! It’s never to early (or too late) to start incorporating book reading into your child’s daily schedule. Here’s how to do it and why it’s so important.

Sense of Security

Children thrive off of routines! It gives them a feeling of stability and warmth in a world where change is constant and they have little control. Book reading can be done at any point in your child’s day, but try keeping at least one consistent time set aside for reading every day. Before your child’s nap or bedtime is a great time. It can help your child wind down from the day and strengthen a sweet bond between you two. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Reading Goodnight Moon for the 5th night in a row? That’s wonderful! Research shows that children learn best when they read a book over and over. When a child is repeatedly exposed to certain books, he or she gains a better understanding of the words used within it. Ask your child questions throughout the story about what will happen next to improve critical thinking and inferencing skills. Reading those familiar stories can help your child’s memory and language skills grow! 

Fill in the Blank

Reading your child’s favorite books as part of a daily routine can really help stimulate his or her speech and language abilities. As your child becomes more familiar with the words in a story, you can pause during a phrase, give an expectant look, and he or she may fill in the blank. Sit face to face with your child while reading and hold the book up higher. This will encourage your child to watch the movements of your mouth, which can improve his or her speech skills. 

Literacy for Life

By reading at the same time every day with your child, you are ensuring that literacy will be a part of his or her daily life. The more your child is exposed to books, the better his or her phonemic awareness skills may be, which is a predictor of later reading and spelling abilities. Incorporating your child’s favorite books into his or her routine helps develop a positive association with reading that can last for a lifetime! 
Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist
Proud Member of The Story Box Family