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“Traditional” birthday parties at bowling alleys, parks, or other venues may be cancelled for now due to the Coronavirus crisis, but that doesn’t mean the party shouldn’t go on! Now more than ever is the time to celebrate birthdays and milestones! Some days may feel like Groundhog day, but time is still passing and it is SO important to continue celebrating and creating positive memories with our friends and family. Here are some fun, creative ways to celebrate safely!

1. Have a Zoom Party
Get party guests together over a video chat app like Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. Send an evite to friends and family giving them the date and time to meet and the link to join. Decorate the room you plan to watch in, set up your tablet or laptop, and turn on some music! Celebrate with a dance party, the birthday boy or girl opening a gift or two in front of friends, and singing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor! 

2. Host a Virtual Birthday Party
Several online platforms are giving kids a chance to have virtual birthday parties. The popular gaming platform Roblox is offering a new Play Together app. Their website describes it like this: 

“Each game in the Play Together sort offers VIP servers at a price of 10 Robux so that you, your friends, and your loved ones can have a private virtual space to play and stay in touch with one another. Whether you’re racing down snowy mountains in SHRED, keeping up with classes in Robloxian High School, or cooking a meal in Backpacking, you’ll have countless opportunities to make memories together.” ( 

3. Coordinate a Drive-By Birthday Party 

We’ve been to a few of these and they are a perfect way to celebrate safely! Send invites to guests with a range of time they are encouraged to stop by. Set up a few chairs, tents, and outdoor games on your front lawn. Guests can decorate cars with banners and pull up to give happy birthday wishes. Or, can get out and grab a popsicle or safely packaged snack while maintaining social distancing! 

4. Go BIG with At-Home Celebrations

Go a little further with birthday decorations in the house to make it extra special for your child! Get your child involved in helping with the decorations and making the birthday cake. Pick a theme like Under the Sea, Construction, or a Hawaiian Luau. Everyone in the house can dress up for the party. Eat food to go with the theme and set up some fun backyard toys and games!

Amy Yacoub, MS, CCC-SLP | Speech Pathologist
Proud Member of The Story Box Family